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1. All invoices must be paid within 30 days unless a different date was marked on the invoice. By late "payment", by law and without further notice arrears will be charged equal to 10% from the due date of invoice until date of payment. There is also a fixed compensation equal to 15% of the invoice amount with a minimum of € 62.5 and this because of accounting and administrative expenses due to late payment.

2. All disputes related to invoices or deliveries or services to which they relate, are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the judicial district of MMJ bvba

3. Review of materials and services in the areas of quantity, quality, view or treatment should be made on the time of delivery / implementation. If the buyer or client does not use its right of scrutiny, he may not file a complaint about it afterwards.

4. Any dispute concerning this invoice must be made known by registered letter within fourteen days after the invoice date. After that date, the buyer or principal refrains from any formal protest.

5. The delivery date on the order form is only an indication of the desire of the buyer or customer and is not part of the agreement between the parties

6. MMJ bvba is bound to execute the order within a reasonable time and accepts all liability for loss and normal executable professional treatment.


7. All goods and services remain the property of the seller until full payment of the invoice.


8. MMJ bvba reserves the right to unilaterally revise the agreement or (temporarily or not) to break the agreement when the client puts the system stability of the seller at risk.