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More then 30 years proven warranty!

Peli™ offers the most extensive range in protective cases and continuously launches new models.!

Reliability and functionality, these are the two keywords.

Made of materials like polypropylene-copolyme, they are designed to be both STRONG and FLEXIBLE. The result: Peli-cases absorb external impacts better because the absorbation is spread over the entire surface. Because of this, the equipment inside the case is kept intact and functional.

Strong and opened with great ease because of the two step closure made of ABS. More importantly, in difficult situations, these cases are sand - and dust resistant, unknown to any other case on the market...

All Peli-cases are certified in accordance to the strongest and most prestigious quality tests, therefor  meeting the numerous industrial, military and extreme sports demands like STANAG and IP.

We constantly seek new customer needs and demands to fill those the best possible way.

But PELI not only delivers cases. PELI also offers SOLUTIONS to the customers: we offer advise and bring forward ideas for better usage and to fulfill specific needs, various accessories ..

In short, not only do we deliver cases, but we also offer total solutions.

Peli™: A strong brandname with the support of competent professionals.

Made in USA and Europe is a synonym for the very best warranty and the best quality.

Unconditional warranty: this is the strongest warranty a manufacturer can offer. All Peli-products have a "for-ever" warranty. Because of the specific European guidelines, Peli is not allowed to offer a "lifetime" warranty. However to be in line with the guidelines and to keep the commitment, we declare that Peli products have an unconditional warranty.

These products are subject to strict quality procedures and PELI is ISO 9001:2000 certified..

The brandname Peli™ guarantees quality.



peli logo

Cases can be delivered with or without foam. 

Available in different colours

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